The TSUNAMI survivor

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This is a true story…

As you are probably aware, Japan’s west coast was hit by a destructive tsunami following the massive earthquake on March 11. One of the most affected places is the town called Minami Sanriku where the diving shop Grunt Sculpin is, or better to say was, located on the beautiful place only 200 meters from the coast. The owner, Mr. Sato Nagaaki, was lucky that on that day he was outside Japan on one of his diving trips.

“The whole shop was washed away, I just gave up all the diving and underwater photography equipment in the store and put all my effort to rebuild the shop. And on that time my brother gave me a call saying “I found the housing with the NAUTICAM logo written on it”. What a great news I thought and checked it right away. At a glance the grip was chopped away from the base and the body itself was covered with many scratches. The proof of the horrific power of the nature was sitting right there, in my hands.”

“Then, I politely took care of the housing, washing it gently with the fresh water and looking for evidence of some other damage. But what a surprise, there was no sign that the housing was flooded. And this was SOMETHING that I want to share with you.”

It was like be face to face with samurai who just survived and won a great battle but his body is covered with millions of scratches and scares.

For us, as the Nauticam distributor, this story is really something we are proud of. Not only because the rigidity and solid roots of Nauticam was proven in the way that hopefully never will be repeated, but this also proves that our decision to have our original FIX housings to be built by the same team was the correct decision.

Now, “Made by Nauticam” can be said out loud and very, very proudly.

Thank you Nauticam…


Come to have fun – buddying with the fishes

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The other day we went to the Hokkone-en Aquarium. This time not as the visitors but as the ambassadors who brings together the life above and under.
Our task was to install the live camera into the one of the tanks. The choice went to the tank with longfin batfishes, stingrays, sea breams and pennant coral fishes.

We are curious

Whole system configuration is the camcorder, Fisheye’s originally developed housing and the control system.
We want to bring the visitors as close as possible to the “underworld” so we make it possible to operate the camera in free ways to be able to catch up with the whole habitat in the tank. Now the visitors can operate the camera and see the live coverage in the monitor room.

School of fishes

Running the tests before the project went on, we must say that most cooperative were pennant coral fishes. They were really curious what is going on from the very beginning but now, all the inhabitants don’t care about the camera anymore. And that is very good because paying no attention to the camera it self, visitors have a chance to see and study natural behavior the aquatic life from the very close and insider-like point of view.

We will cover more news on this project that are coming in the near future.

Fisheye for Hyper Rescue Team

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It is now more than one month since the Japan islands were hit by the M9 earthquake followed by the highest tsunami in the modern history. And still, world’s media are full of the information on this natural disaster, mostly informing on the crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture.

Little-known fact is that the Hyper Rescue Team, based in Tokyo, was one of the first specialized group headed to the disaster area.

The HRT is a highly professional and very well trained team of rescuers whose are ready to risk their life to help the victims in the most hazardous accidents.

Pool camera

Among the other trainings, they are undergoing a special drill to developing the skills necessary to rescue the victims from the shipwrecks.

We, as the Fisheye, are proud that we were able to contribute for their development on the field where we have the richest experiences.

Recently we went to set-up the underwater cameras in their 30 meters deep training pool. All four cameras are nested in our specially developed housings and are placed in various depths. While connected to the monitor on the poolside, the trainer shall easily overview the development of the trainees.

Members of the Hyper Rescue Team

The Hyper Rescue Team members have our deep admiration and can count on our support in the future.

Never give up HRT, never give up Japan!!

Click HERE for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief donation via PayPal. Your contribution is highly appreciated.


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The emergency situation is happening in Japan due to the big earthquake.

Marine Diving Fair 2011 would be held on April 1st,2nd and 3rd.

But it is postponed to July 8,9,10th.

We would like to express our hearty sympathy with them.

We hope everyone is safe and sound over there…

The tragedy of the earthquake in Japan…

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Dear All Fisheye fans,
Thank you for your encouraging words.
Your concern is heartwarming.
We are doing all right.
String tremors were felt in midtown Tokyo and people evacuated in a panic.
Functions are slowly being restored and we are getting back to normal.
We still have aftershocks.
I earnestly hope that there is no further damage in areas affected by the earthquake.
We sincerely thank you for your support.
Thank you for your concern…

Where is your FIX housing???

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Assembly room

Our Factory has been running at full capacity to deliver to you!

Going deep and going deeper

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Deep water housing

We just love to be challenged and every opportunity is like a magnet to us. This time we are building a special video housing that will be use for shooting at the 1,000 meters depth. Yes, we are going to send the camera 1 km under the surface. Pretty exciting, right.

Pressure chamber settings

This project starts upon a request from Mr. Hiroya Minakuchi, who is a well known underwater videographer in Japan. There are many animals, like sperm and beaked whales, that are feeding at that depths so it will be very interesting to send there a camcorder and see what all sort of bait is living there.

The housing pass the pressure tests for the depth of 1,100 meters and now the “wet” tests are undergoing in some shallow waters.
Actually, the pressure is not the only factor in this project. Can you just imagine a rope that long? And how the currents will affect its movements and….

Pressure chamber

There is still a lot of “ands” that has to be answered and we are so proud that we are a part of this project and we are really looking forward to see the results.

More info is coming soon.