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CP+ 2012 in Yokohama

Posted in FIX housings, Trade Fair on 2月 18, 2012 by fisheyejapan

The last day of the CP+, Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2012 in Yokohama, I finally got the chance to go to visit. All booths were crowded and you had to wait for at least an hour to get your hand on the new cameras. I’ve decided to forget about all models I wish I had a time to play with, and went directly to the Canon’s booth to scout the new G1X. Not only because on the specs it seems to be a pretty nice piece of art, but mostly because our next housing in the FIX line-up will nestle this little devil.
I got lucky that there were few of them on the exhibit so I the time I’ve spent in the line waiting wasn’t that long.
As for the first impression – the G1X feels better in the hand then the G12. The camera is just right weighted for its category. The buttons and control wheels share the same layout as the previous G12,well accessible and intuitive. The dual control wheel gives you smooth control over the exposure compensation and dedicated shooting mode. Comparing to previous G models, the G1X sports the pop-up type flash.
The build-in zoom lens enables to shoot from wide to telephoto. Now, that will be quite a challenge to be able to use all the feature of this came on its full power underwater. How to accommodate the fisheye port or the wet macro lens with the new housing? My head already starts to hunting for some clues and solutions.
The sale is scheduled for the spring, somewhere around the April and May so be ready.
More features of Canon G1X can be found here:


DiveBiz Show 2012 in Tokyo

Posted in FIX housings, FIX Lights with tags , on 2月 8, 2012 by fisheyejapan

The first two days of this cold February we were busy during the DiveBiz Show event held in Tokyo for the second time. Same as the last year, we were happy to welcome and present our products to quite a huge number of visitors who stopped by at our booth.

Besides others, presenting following three new products kept us busy at most.

No. 1 – FIX S100, the new housing for Canon S100, with the UWL-28M52, a wide conversion lens.

This housing is build in the way to let the diver to fully control the camera with right hand only to be able to concentrate more on the scene than on skipping the menus. With included M52 and M67 adaptors, almost any wet lenses can be used.

And for the wide and dynamic scenes, we recommend to use the FIXUWL-28M52/67 wide lens. It sports the same specifications as the previous UWL-04 series but in more compact and easy to mount package.

The nitrogen gas is injected inside the dome so you do not need to worry about the foggy pictures.

No. 2 – FIX AQUAVOLT3500. This is not the same product as the one shown at the DEMA SHOW last year. There was a lot of development to improve its performance. We see the small LCD display to the biggest advantage. It gives you all the necessary info, like the output intensity, inner temperature or selected mode, at a glance. Equipped with the ball joint, the FIX LED LIGHT YS adaptor is easy to attach.

The presale is scheduled for the end of February with mass production and sale following around the end of March.

For specs and more detail please visit our web site.

No. 3 – the revolutionary FIX WATERSHOT lighting systems series. The basic philosophy is the lightweight light head with separate battery pack, which can be used not only as the diving light, but the battery pack can be attached into the arm system.

This makes the FIX WATERSHOT a really brand new underwater lighting solution.

By now, the 900, 1800 and 3000 lumens light heads are available that can be combined with variety of options to build up the optimal solution that will fits everybody’s individual needs.

We are scheduled to attend some dive shows around the globe so you will have a chance to see those products soon. And to keep good news coming, something new is in the air. Be ready for the upcoming spring…

FIX S100 Housing Vol.3

Posted in FIX housings on 11月 4, 2011 by fisheyejapan

We are proud to be the first to announce the housing for upcoming Canon S100 compact camera.

This new FIX S100 housing is built just to make the camera live. Ergonomic grip design, great feel of half shutter press, and of course, all the camera functions are accessible while underwater. To take all the advantages of the 24 mm lens ,the port will be re-designed and equipped with wider mount than FIX S95’s. With variety of lenses and adapters, which are scheduled to be produce as well, this set-up will gives you the opportunity to take variety of pictures during the same dive, from dynamic wide scenes to moody micro shots. We are using now all our effort and energy to deliver this new baby to our fans as soon as possible. (*FIX S100 at DEMA is the first sample. the housing shape especially port part might be changed.)

We also prepared one small, yet very useful product – FIX Maintenance Kit. This shall become a standard for every UW photographer. Easy to bring it everywhere, to the diving resort or on the deck of the diving boat. Three different swabs can fit to any housing to take off the dust or dirt and SALT-AWAY keep your equipment salt-crystals-free. It is easy to do the maintenance properly and it can save you a lot of trouble and unpleasant expenses if the housing gets flood due the lack of maintenance.

FIX S100 housing as well as the whole range of our product is presented our partners’ booth Backscatter#655 & Reef Photo #566. Come and see yourself, we are waiting to satisfy your requests.

Marine Diving Fair 2011

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Marine Diving Fair 2011

The postponed Marine Diving Fair 2011 is on. The reason for it’s delay was the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan four months ago. And as a silent reminder of the disaster, the “tsunami survivor” is exhibited on our booth.

This year, we secured the place right next to the entrance so be sure to don’t miss us while rushing in.

Our booth

Full range of the Nauticam housings is on the exhibit together with our originally developed FIX line of underwater lights and housings. Most of the visitors are interested in the powerful FIX Aquavolt 5000 with stepless output up to 5,000 lumens and optional remote controller and FIX S95 housing build for the Canon PowerShot S95 compact camera. Original and third-party accessories makes the FIX S95 one of the most valuable and requested UW compact systems on the present market.

Two greats; Whale shark and the FIX S95

The printed catalogue is gave for free and our staff is ready to help you to decide which underwater photography system fits your needs. Please come to visit and have a nice time.

Fisheye team


Click HERE for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief donation via PayPal. Your contribution is highly appreciated.


Come to have fun – buddying with the fishes

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The other day we went to the Hokkone-en Aquarium. This time not as the visitors but as the ambassadors who brings together the life above and under.
Our task was to install the live camera into the one of the tanks. The choice went to the tank with longfin batfishes, stingrays, sea breams and pennant coral fishes.

We are curious

Whole system configuration is the camcorder, Fisheye’s originally developed housing and the control system.
We want to bring the visitors as close as possible to the “underworld” so we make it possible to operate the camera in free ways to be able to catch up with the whole habitat in the tank. Now the visitors can operate the camera and see the live coverage in the monitor room.

School of fishes

Running the tests before the project went on, we must say that most cooperative were pennant coral fishes. They were really curious what is going on from the very beginning but now, all the inhabitants don’t care about the camera anymore. And that is very good because paying no attention to the camera it self, visitors have a chance to see and study natural behavior the aquatic life from the very close and insider-like point of view.

We will cover more news on this project that are coming in the near future.

Where is your FIX housing???

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Assembly room

Our Factory has been running at full capacity to deliver to you!

Dive Biz Show 2011

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Dive Biz Show 2011

On January 27th and 28th the Dive Biz Show 2011 was held in Tokyo. This event was targeted to the professionals working in the diving industry in Japan. Among the exhibitors you could find well known overseas and domestic companies.

Thanks not only to our new products, the booth was busy for both days. New additions to the FIX housings family – FIX S95 and FIX G12 for Canon PowerShot S95 and G12 respectively – caught the attention of the divers who are looking for compact, reliable yet simply to operate housing.

FIX S95 housing

For the favorers of the Micro-Four-Third mirrorless cameras the Nauticam housing for Sony NEX-5 was prepared. Nikon supporter had chance to play with FP7000 – a new housing for Coolpix P7000 by Fantasea.

Finally, we also presented a brand new housing for Panasonic DMC-LX5 by Nauticam.
At the Olympus corner we presented its high-end compact camera XZ-1 in the PT-050 housing and accessories.

On the other hand, for the visitors looking for more professional equipment we prepared the Nauticam housings for Nikon D7000 and just released Canon 60D DSLR cameras. Visitors could test them with various optional ports and accessories.

FIX LED1500DX light

For those looking for the video light, the whole FIX light line-up was ready to test, with two new product. First one was the FIX LED1500DX, a light with removable and rechargeable battery with brightness up to 1,500 lumen. Next one was the FIX AQUA VOLT 4500. Stepless control of the brightness with output up to 4,500 lumen gives the user a wide range for the shooting session.

Fisheye's booth

We would like to thank to all visitors who stopped by our booth and hope to meet with them, and many more, on April at the Marine Diving Fair in Tokyo.