CP+ 2012 in Yokohama

The last day of the CP+, Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2012 in Yokohama, I finally got the chance to go to visit. All booths were crowded and you had to wait for at least an hour to get your hand on the new cameras. I’ve decided to forget about all models I wish I had a time to play with, and went directly to the Canon’s booth to scout the new G1X. Not only because on the specs it seems to be a pretty nice piece of art, but mostly because our next housing in the FIX line-up will nestle this little devil.
I got lucky that there were few of them on the exhibit so I the time I’ve spent in the line waiting wasn’t that long.
As for the first impression – the G1X feels better in the hand then the G12. The camera is just right weighted for its category. The buttons and control wheels share the same layout as the previous G12,well accessible and intuitive. The dual control wheel gives you smooth control over the exposure compensation and dedicated shooting mode. Comparing to previous G models, the G1X sports the pop-up type flash.
The build-in zoom lens enables to shoot from wide to telephoto. Now, that will be quite a challenge to be able to use all the feature of this came on its full power underwater. How to accommodate the fisheye port or the wet macro lens with the new housing? My head already starts to hunting for some clues and solutions.
The sale is scheduled for the spring, somewhere around the April and May so be ready.
More features of Canon G1X can be found here:




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