FIX S100 Housing Vol.3

We are proud to be the first to announce the housing for upcoming Canon S100 compact camera.

This new FIX S100 housing is built just to make the camera live. Ergonomic grip design, great feel of half shutter press, and of course, all the camera functions are accessible while underwater. To take all the advantages of the 24 mm lens ,the port will be re-designed and equipped with wider mount than FIX S95’s. With variety of lenses and adapters, which are scheduled to be produce as well, this set-up will gives you the opportunity to take variety of pictures during the same dive, from dynamic wide scenes to moody micro shots. We are using now all our effort and energy to deliver this new baby to our fans as soon as possible. (*FIX S100 at DEMA is the first sample. the housing shape especially port part might be changed.)

We also prepared one small, yet very useful product – FIX Maintenance Kit. This shall become a standard for every UW photographer. Easy to bring it everywhere, to the diving resort or on the deck of the diving boat. Three different swabs can fit to any housing to take off the dust or dirt and SALT-AWAY keep your equipment salt-crystals-free. It is easy to do the maintenance properly and it can save you a lot of trouble and unpleasant expenses if the housing gets flood due the lack of maintenance.

FIX S100 housing as well as the whole range of our product is presented our partners’ booth Backscatter#655 & Reef Photo #566. Come and see yourself, we are waiting to satisfy your requests.



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