The TSUNAMI survivor

This is a true story…

As you are probably aware, Japan’s west coast was hit by a destructive tsunami following the massive earthquake on March 11. One of the most affected places is the town called Minami Sanriku where the diving shop Grunt Sculpin is, or better to say was, located on the beautiful place only 200 meters from the coast. The owner, Mr. Sato Nagaaki, was lucky that on that day he was outside Japan on one of his diving trips.

“The whole shop was washed away, I just gave up all the diving and underwater photography equipment in the store and put all my effort to rebuild the shop. And on that time my brother gave me a call saying “I found the housing with the NAUTICAM logo written on it”. What a great news I thought and checked it right away. At a glance the grip was chopped away from the base and the body itself was covered with many scratches. The proof of the horrific power of the nature was sitting right there, in my hands.”

“Then, I politely took care of the housing, washing it gently with the fresh water and looking for evidence of some other damage. But what a surprise, there was no sign that the housing was flooded. And this was SOMETHING that I want to share with you.”

It was like be face to face with samurai who just survived and won a great battle but his body is covered with millions of scratches and scares.

For us, as the Nauticam distributor, this story is really something we are proud of. Not only because the rigidity and solid roots of Nauticam was proven in the way that hopefully never will be repeated, but this also proves that our decision to have our original FIX housings to be built by the same team was the correct decision.

Now, “Made by Nauticam” can be said out loud and very, very proudly.

Thank you Nauticam…


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