Come to have fun – buddying with the fishes


The other day we went to the Hokkone-en Aquarium. This time not as the visitors but as the ambassadors who brings together the life above and under.
Our task was to install the live camera into the one of the tanks. The choice went to the tank with longfin batfishes, stingrays, sea breams and pennant coral fishes.

We are curious

Whole system configuration is the camcorder, Fisheye’s originally developed housing and the control system.
We want to bring the visitors as close as possible to the “underworld” so we make it possible to operate the camera in free ways to be able to catch up with the whole habitat in the tank. Now the visitors can operate the camera and see the live coverage in the monitor room.

School of fishes

Running the tests before the project went on, we must say that most cooperative were pennant coral fishes. They were really curious what is going on from the very beginning but now, all the inhabitants don’t care about the camera anymore. And that is very good because paying no attention to the camera it self, visitors have a chance to see and study natural behavior the aquatic life from the very close and insider-like point of view.

We will cover more news on this project that are coming in the near future.



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