Fisheye for Hyper Rescue Team

It is now more than one month since the Japan islands were hit by the M9 earthquake followed by the highest tsunami in the modern history. And still, world’s media are full of the information on this natural disaster, mostly informing on the crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture.

Little-known fact is that the Hyper Rescue Team, based in Tokyo, was one of the first specialized group headed to the disaster area.

The HRT is a highly professional and very well trained team of rescuers whose are ready to risk their life to help the victims in the most hazardous accidents.

Pool camera

Among the other trainings, they are undergoing a special drill to developing the skills necessary to rescue the victims from the shipwrecks.

We, as the Fisheye, are proud that we were able to contribute for their development on the field where we have the richest experiences.

Recently we went to set-up the underwater cameras in their 30 meters deep training pool. All four cameras are nested in our specially developed housings and are placed in various depths. While connected to the monitor on the poolside, the trainer shall easily overview the development of the trainees.

Members of the Hyper Rescue Team

The Hyper Rescue Team members have our deep admiration and can count on our support in the future.

Never give up HRT, never give up Japan!!

Click HERE for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief donation via PayPal. Your contribution is highly appreciated.



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