Going deep and going deeper

Deep water housing

We just love to be challenged and every opportunity is like a magnet to us. This time we are building a special video housing that will be use for shooting at the 1,000 meters depth. Yes, we are going to send the camera 1 km under the surface. Pretty exciting, right.

Pressure chamber settings

This project starts upon a request from Mr. Hiroya Minakuchi, who is a well known underwater videographer in Japan. There are many animals, like sperm and beaked whales, that are feeding at that depths so it will be very interesting to send there a camcorder and see what all sort of bait is living there.

The housing pass the pressure tests for the depth of 1,100 meters and now the “wet” tests are undergoing in some shallow waters.
Actually, the pressure is not the only factor in this project. Can you just imagine a rope that long? And how the currents will affect its movements and….

Pressure chamber

There is still a lot of “ands” that has to be answered and we are so proud that we are a part of this project and we are really looking forward to see the results.

More info is coming soon.



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