Dive Biz Show 2011


Dive Biz Show 2011

On January 27th and 28th the Dive Biz Show 2011 was held in Tokyo. This event was targeted to the professionals working in the diving industry in Japan. Among the exhibitors you could find well known overseas and domestic companies.

Thanks not only to our new products, the booth was busy for both days. New additions to the FIX housings family – FIX S95 and FIX G12 for Canon PowerShot S95 and G12 respectively – caught the attention of the divers who are looking for compact, reliable yet simply to operate housing.

FIX S95 housing

For the favorers of the Micro-Four-Third mirrorless cameras the Nauticam housing for Sony NEX-5 was prepared. Nikon supporter had chance to play with FP7000 – a new housing for Coolpix P7000 by Fantasea.

Finally, we also presented a brand new housing for Panasonic DMC-LX5 by Nauticam.
At the Olympus corner we presented its high-end compact camera XZ-1 in the PT-050 housing and accessories.

On the other hand, for the visitors looking for more professional equipment we prepared the Nauticam housings for Nikon D7000 and just released Canon 60D DSLR cameras. Visitors could test them with various optional ports and accessories.

FIX LED1500DX light

For those looking for the video light, the whole FIX light line-up was ready to test, with two new product. First one was the FIX LED1500DX, a light with removable and rechargeable battery with brightness up to 1,500 lumen. Next one was the FIX AQUA VOLT 4500. Stepless control of the brightness with output up to 4,500 lumen gives the user a wide range for the shooting session.

Fisheye's booth

We would like to thank to all visitors who stopped by our booth and hope to meet with them, and many more, on April at the Marine Diving Fair in Tokyo.


コメント / トラックバック1件 to “Dive Biz Show 2011”

  1. Dear Fix,

    1. Do you manufacture adapters or step-up rings to fit the Inon UWL H100 28LD or Inon UWL H10028/67mm lens as well as the Inon UCL close-up lenses to the Fix S95 housing?

    2. Would you consider to manufacture a bayonet port adapter to quickly change lenses underwater?

    I wish you all of the best with the reconstruction of your country!





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