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Enjoy the news a feel free to chat about not only our products but about the underwater photography and videography in global.
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  1. Hi,

    I am considering to buy the Fix S95 housing.

    1. Do you have distributors/dealers/agents for the Fix S95 housing in South Africa and may be in Cape Town or close to Cape Town?

    2. Will you manufacture an adapter-ring/step-up ring/ to fit the Inon UWL H100 – 28 LD lens to the housing and what will it cost approximately? If not, do you know of a company that has manufactured an adapter or ring or adapter-ring combination?

    4. Must I use the Fix 67 mm 3-ring adapter kit or will a step-up ring be enough to fit the Inon UWL H100 – 28 LD lens?

    5. What is the diameter of the port?

    6. If it is not available in South Africa and if I have to order it via the internet,

    (a) How good is your warranty?

    (b) What is the safest website/dealer to use?

    Thank you


  2. 1. Can I order directly from you?

    If yes, what is your price on

    (a) the Fix S95 housing

    (b) the Fish-eye UWL – 04 lens

    (c) Fix digicam support tray system

    2. Does the UWL-04 lens fit directly onto the housing or do I need an adapter or step-up ring?

    Thank you


    • Hi Hermie,
      Firstly, we would like to thank you for your interest in our products.
      Regarding your question, we do have a partner in South Africa called Sub Aqua Sales.
      We forwarded them your questions so you shall hear from them shortly.
      Have a nice day a dive safe.
      Fisheye Japan



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